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ASCO-DAITO is a general construction consultant which gives serious consideration to co-existence with nature.


ASCO-DAITO is a general construction consultant which is consistently on the cutting edge and contributes positively to demands of the future in order to create a comfortable environment.
We are aware of our social responsibilities and we will keep persevering in our effort on into the future. We greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

product02 For 3D MMS, laser scanners, GPS, IMU, and a camera are mounted on a vehicle. It can obtain high density / accuracy point cloud data of road shapes, guardrails and road markings while driving along the road. SALES RELEASE for 3D MMS sitecolink
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
product03 UAV makes it possible to inspect dangerous sites and disaster sites immediately after occurrence, which have been a difficult task in the past. It is not only useful for aerial photography but also it is effective for inspecting solar potential with a thermographic camera or creating 3D point clouds from the photographic images to complement land surveys. SALES RELEASE
      for UAV laser system
ASM - All Space Mobile mapping system product04 ASM can obtain precise positional information of target facilities and distance coordinates of plain / longitudinal / cross sections from 3D point clouds based on the measurement values provided by laser sensors, IMU (3 direction - gyrocompass) and odometer.